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The Ups & Downs of Using a Fake Doctor’s Excuse Note

A replica doctor’s excuse for school or work can be an efficient way of circumventing an imbalanced obligation. The decision to use such a fake note is not one that you want to enter into lightly. Please consider that there can be consequences, even legal ones, as a result of using a fake doctor’s note. With this in mind, let us explore the ups and downs of choosing to use one.

The Ups

Perhaps the biggest boon associated with a fake doctor’s note is that your child earns a penalty-free day off or you earn a penalty-free paid sick day. Keep in mind that this issue is bigger than being cheap or dishonest. For the average person, a doctor’s visit is a significant expense, perhaps even an entire day’s pay. So the problem is obvious. Doing the right thing means losing both time and money.

With public schools, it has become a great annoyance for many parents. The federal government has upped financial aid, but they want to ensure that certain attendance and grade requirements are being met. In response to this, the schools are cracking down, and young child, who tend to get sick often, are only getting three sick days for an entire school year. Therefore, fake dr. notes are a great way to circumvent this widespread problem.

The Downs

At university or college, it’s never quite so simple. Each secondary school has its own rules regarding attendance, and although there’s a common perception that these schools don’t track attendance, they often do. In fact, many professors are quite strict about it, and using a fake doctor’s excuse may be the only way out. However, if your pretense is detected, the penalty could be expulsion from the school.

Also, using a fake doctor’s note can have some serious consequences at work. If an employer discovers your trickery, they are well within their rights to fire you immediately. In fact, most will. As a society will have a very low tolerance for this kind of behavior in light of recent events. Keep in mind that there is also the possibility of legal consequences. This is particularly true when using these notes for insurance or any purpose involving a government agency.

Ups & Downs of Doctor Notes