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Fake Doctors Notes & Potential Outcomes

When using a false doctor excuse, most people share the same concern: What happens if they see beyond my pretense? It’s a great question because you should understand the potential ramifications completely before using such notes. The last thing you want to do is make a quick decision that has a negative long-term effect on your life.

For students, who are the most common consumer of fake doctors’ notes, the good news is that there is usually no or little risk. Although schools can ask for it, you’re not legally bound to give it to them. They may give you detention or some similar punishment, but there won’t be any long-term consequences. Expulsion and similar penalties are reserved only for the worst offenders.

It is different with secondary education. The public schools are sticklers because absences tie into the financial aid system. Colleges and universities care less because their financial aid isn’t tied to attendance. These secondary environments generally have no right to request a doctor’s note and most of them never will. An individual professor may be a stickler, but then the only ramification is failure for that particular class.

It is also unlikely that you would face legal consequences when using doctors’ notes at work. But there are exceptions to this in secure environments. The most common consequence at work is termination. Our modern world treats forgery and similar deception severely and most employers will not hesitate to fire you immediately, even if it is a first-time offense.

Some people have used faked doctor notes to acquire insurance, but keep in mind that this is dangerous ground. There are laws involved here, and at best, the financial penalties can be steep. At worst, you could face jail time. Understand what you’re doing and make sure that it’s not insurance fraud. Also, never use faked notes when dealing with a government agency or an organization connected to one.

The best advice you can receive is to know all the possibilities and prepare for the worst one. What happens if you’re fired? Can you roll with that punch? Only use the printable doctors’ notes if you can answer yes to those types of questions. Don’t assume a risk just because the worst outcomes seem unlikely.

Doctor's Note Use & Possible Outcomes